Our values

Like any company, Data Proved carries out its missions and services within a framework of major values. Outlined in four points, these benchmarks guide us in each of our decisions and actions, in consistency with the founding spirit that drives us:  respect and protect animal welfare. We are against animal testing, which is useless and degrading to the people who practise it, proposing a credible and responsible alternative.


Whatever the results of the measurement, we remain humble and objective, because only sincerity and truth can concretely advance the projects of those who trust us. We do not misrepresent reality, our mission being to frankly assist our customers with their development.


A synonym with respect and trust in our partners, confidentiality is an absolute prerequisite to establish lasting relationships that are beneficial to all. We internally work with a privacy policy and an undertaking of confidentiality with our partners.


Fully responsible for our actions and choices! It is a freedom that we claim, a responsibility which strengthens the commitments we make daily, in all missions of measurement, assistance, continuous improvement and performance culture.

Sustainable development

We want our actions to last and we are therefore committed to the fundamentals of sustainable development. Collaborative economics, the quality of our services, the promotion of learning through knowledge sharing, biodiversity, eco-design of recipes, optimization of product lifecycle, preservation of common wealth… are all subjects we keep in mind when we collaborate with our partners.

We dedicate all these values in priority to our closest collaborators, our hairy friends:  our testers.

We have decided to work with in-home panels only, not only to ensure objectivity and performance, but also to respect animal welfare, which is to us THE fundamental value. We believe this consumption pattern best reflects the reality of behaviours between the owners and their pets toward food products.