Eric Charles

Creator of income-generating projects since the age of 10, Eric is specialized in crisis management and in business development. With a 25-year experience as a company director, as vice-president of the French professional federation of pet food manufacturers (FACCO) and of the European pet food federation (FEDIAF), he designs and pilots innovating projects to develop pet food throughout the world.

Kibble Man

As a veterinary doctor who graduated in Liège (Belgium) in 1986, Eric dived into pet food right after graduation. He complemented his competencies with training in management, negotiation and international relations at Paris business school HEC. Starting as a product manager at ATM, Eric quickly climbed the corporate ladder to become the general manager from 1994 to 2014. Loving challenges and being environmentally conscious, he achieved the design and construction of a new ultramodern, 140,000T production unit in 2006. Thanks to his good control of the 14 points of the HEQ standard, he proposes an approach that is innovating, performing and profitable in the very short term.

In a tense, competitive economic environment, Eric focuses on innovation and surrounds himself with expert collaborators to offer new ranges of products and services to his European distribution and veterinary costumers. Firm believer and experienced in the organization of skills, he has created and managed particularly efficient response teams, in the fields of negotiations, of innovation culture and of management of complex, or even critical situations. He thus tackles vital areas of profitability in a serious and effective manner. He implements relevant strategic plans monitored by concrete, measurable, regular performance indicators.

From 1996, Eric has worked closely with the French professional federation of pet food manufacturers (FACCO) that he presided from 2010 to 2015, and then with the European federation (FEDIAF) which he presided from 2014 to 2016; and finally with the Global Alliance of Pet Food Associations (GAPFA) to which he has contributed since its creation in 2014.

Pet Food Expert and Business Developer

Eric is a business developer who thrives on the energy of entrepreneurs who share his desire to find solutions for our social, environmental and commercial environment. Specialist in Europeans regulations and expert in animal nutrition, he assumes the role of consultant to major groups for which he likes to design and pilot innovating strong-potential projects. Open to the world, he gains from each encounter he makes and he creates strong bonds with those that will become his privileged partners. Investors, veterinary doctors, distributors, manufacturers, engineers and experts are among the many valuable and international contacts Eric has and keeps developing.

His very good knowledge of the pet food world gives him a 360-degree, international vision of this industry, from its issues to its development prospects. As an excellent communicator, he takes advantage of his diplomacy and experience to efficiently manage the crises that his customers may face.