Hélèna Frémondière

A self-made woman who is constantly evolving, Hélèna is the specialist in innovating processes and in balanced food formulation.  Former active member of the Technical and Raw Materials Committees of the French professional federation of pet food manufacturers (FACCO), she masters regulations and normative systems regarding quality assurance.  Thanks to an additional training in coaching, she is also skilled in behavioural approach with teams and people.

Top Chef

With a 2-year degree in Food processing and biochemical industry – majoring in industrial process, in 1998, Hélèna started her career in the pet food world through the Research and Development Department of ATM, where she specialized in the extrusion-cooking process. Close to ingredient suppliers, she built partnerships that allowed her to develop the palatability of the products that she formulated, notably in cat food ranges. Always willing to learn, she got an engineer’s degree in the food processing industry in 2004 and she received a national subvention to develop a co-extruded functional treat to help improve dog oral care. At the heart of innovation, she specialized one of ATM’s production sites to make it a pilot plant. As she succeeded in obtaining the “Research Tax Credit” approval, she allowed ingredient suppliers and other pet food players to conduct R&D projects to develop their products.

Well aware of societal imperatives, Hélèna knows all about the eco-design fundamentals. She has an interest in waste reduction at source and she analyses the processes’ energy use so that her manufacturing protocols are consistent with a sustainable development approach. She received a subvention from “ADEME” (agency in charge implementing public policy in the areas of the environment, energy and sustainable development) in 2005 for the formulation and making of an eco-designed kibble, which propelled ATM among the innovation leaders in the competitive field of pet food. With her human qualities and her extensive knowledge of processes, Hélèna became the manager of the “Watch, research & innovation” department of ATM from 2006 to 2015, which included the management of Customer Quality. She ensured the success of the company’s long-term strategic pillar regarding the mastery of the manufacturing process and the innovation management.

Process and formulation expert

Expert in European regulations on hygiene and health rules as well as on conditions for the placing on the market of pet food, Hélèna took part in the Technical and Raw Materials Committees of the French professional federation of pet food manufacturers (FACCO) from 2002 to 2015. As a quality auditor of suppliers’ production sites and procedures, she provides training on HACCP approach and she trains IFS auditors in for the pet food industry (process, formulation, raw materials). Very interested in discovering new functional ingredients and processing aids of animal and plant origins, Hélèna constantly expands the nutrients database that she proposes to our customers in order to formulate complete and balanced food.

Deeply concerned for others, Hélèna loves challenges and she obtained an advanced university degree in coaching practice at the University of Paris in 2012. Thanks to these competences and to her 17-year experience in pet food, she assists company leaders and managers in their development.