Demonstrate your products’ performance

The primary purpose of Data Proved experts is to measure the performance and analyse the products that are entrusted to us. Performance indicators, exploring perceptions, auditing processes, measuring palatability, product specifications, and sensory analyses… all are tools to address our customers’ questions about the pet food industry.

How dies an ingredient influence the palatability of a food?
How to present the assets of my product?
How to improve the palatability of a recipe with the manufacturing process?
Why will pets prefer a food to another?
How to improve my product’s performance?
How to measure the perception of the products by the pet owners?


To answer the questions our customers’ product managers and marketing departments have been asking, our approach is based on two analytical systems:

  • Pet food Sensory analysis: multifactorial study combining the pet’s and the owner’s perceptions. There can be as many questions as analytical approaches.  That is why we have developed a set of protocols that are flexible and adaptable to fulfil your ambitions regarding product development, palatability, innovations, commercial differentiation, technical and competitive performance.
  • Functional analysis: economically realistic measurement of the performance of a claim, a food or an innovation. Our tools dedicated to the demonstration of technical effects, the survey of our customers’ needs and the definition of quantified objectives  allow to reach a balance between the economic impact of ours protocols and the commercial potential of the innovation.

« Only what is measured can progress… From a product’s quality to its consumer’s satisfaction, only the reliability of a benchmark allows to take action in an appropriate and secure manner. »

Our approach of sensory analysis

Each test protocol corresponds to a specific objective and to each protocol corresponds a specific panel in order to obtain both quantitative and qualitative data. Beyond the standard palatability-test protocols (“versus”, monadic, consumer… tests) of which we master the methodology, we go further into sensory evaluation specific to pet food. Therefore we have developed protocols of tests specialized and dedicated to practical and pragmatic evaluations to measure the performance over time and the sensory aspect of a food.

  • CSA®Treats by Data Proved – Customer Satisfaction Measurement: specific to treats
  • CSM®Dry by Data Proved – Consumption Satisfaction Measurement: specific to dry pet food
  • SLM®Dry by Data Proved – Shelf Life Measurement: specific to dry pet food

Our in-home panels

As opposed to sensory and functional analyses that are conducted in kennels and catteries, we were the first to develop in-home panels to collect information directly from end consumers, in conditions corresponding to the pets’ real life. The cats’ and dogs’ trust in their owners and the latter’s genuine affection allow us to collect first-hand, reliable, quality information.

In addition to measuring palatability, we propose two dimensions in our sensory analyses: expert and hedonistic. We thus select pet owners and train them in the test protocols so they can have the “expert status”; whereas other panellists are regular buyers – consumers who have no specific knowledge of animal nutrition.

Expert panel

  • Composed of 40 pets used to kibbles
  • Only 1 pet per household
  • Knowledge of the eating habits of each pet
  • Owners trained in the protocols and regularly reminded of good test practices

Consumer panel

  • Composed of 60 households owning cats and / or dogs used to kibbles
  • Regular buyers of dry pet food for dogs and / or cats
  • Carry out maximum 2 tests per month to remain in the situation of consumers
  • Ongoing tests: wet cat food panel

Our approach of functional analysis

We develop non-invasive protocols consistent with our values, concerning pets living with their owners and under the care of our network of veterinarian doctors, in order to determine:

  • The legitimacy of proposed nutrition claims (upcoming new requirement in the European regulation)
  • The validity of the use of a molecule or a raw material
  • The risks associated with the use of a particular additive

Our partners

A network of veterinary and biochemist experts

Specific dogs and cats in-home panels, selected among the patients of our veterinary network to measure and validate the nutritional claims

Study partnerships with veterinary schools and biological and physicochemical analysis laboratories