Specialize in the Pet Food world

Our experts have been immersed in the pet food world for more than 15 years. Thanks to their experience and their multiple skills, they offer comprehensive training modules to initiate beginners and strengthen specialists’ knowledge in nutrition, process, formulation, raw materials, marketing, export and regulation.

Propel your plant into the future

Specialists in pet food, environmental standards and processes, our experts assist you with the evolution of your manufacturing processes, your teams’ training and the development of your products to imagine, design and build the factories of tomorrow. As it represents you and your values, your production unit must become the spearhead of your communication.

Demonstrate your products’ performance

Data Proved experts develop protocols for sensory and functional tests to measure the palatability and validity of the claims of the products that are entrusted to them. Pioneers in in-home panels, we carry out rigorous sensory and functional tests to quantify and qualify the consumers’ experience.

Happiness is in the bowl: Dare the food 2.0

Audit of production sites, drawing up of specifications, selection of raw materials, technical and regulatory files, checking claims, process management, our experts assist you with the formulation of your hyper premium food.

Team up with experts

Make you mark in the pet food world with our experts’ support and expertise. With over 15 years of experience, they control all the facets of the pet food industry and they assist you with your development, commercial and innovation strategies.