Happiness is in the bowl: Dare the food 2.0

Nowadays, consumers always expect more from the food they give to their pets, having their satisfaction and welfare at heart. Developing recipes that meet these expectations means creating from the start nutritionally balanced formulations with carefully selected ingredients, to be made with qualified, sustainable processes. Our method: place the consumer at the heart of the pet food manufacturers’ marketing strategy, in strict compliance with regulations.

« To dare is to foresee; to foresee is to dare! »

Data Proved experts pool their skills to support you in:

  • The design of the nutritional guideline of your food, in compliance with regulations and technological advances.
  • Drawing up your specifications, with the help of our bibliographic databases dedicated to dog and cat nutrition, which are constantly updated and supplemented.
  • The formulation and manufacturing of pet food for the European market.
  • The analysis for a better integration of ingredients, raw materials and functional and nutritional ingredients in your pet food products
  • The analysis of the consumers’ perception and satisfaction about the finished product.

Customized formulation

Because legislation needs to approve innovation, we put our rigour in the service of our customers to draw up complete technical files, including labelling requirements and evidence to support all proposed nutrition claims.

Each formulation depends on the manufacturing context. Therefore we conduct audits of the production sites beforehand, in order to reveal the potential of existing plants and to optimize their performances. An adapted production tool and a well-managed process are the keys to enhancing your recipes.

Our databases are constantly updated (raw materials, sensory, nutritional and technological additives) and we have developed a formulation programme dedicated to pet food. This tool allows us (confidentially) to formulate according to your specific ingredients, to offer you our latest innovations and to optimally meet your specifications.