Specialize in the Pet Food world

A specialist often started from scratch and learnt day after day from the pet food actors:  suppliers, producers, distributors and legislators.  We discover, observe and interact with the experts around us to improve ourselves; that is why we put our expertise in the service of pet food training.

Are you new in the pet food world? Get rid of your fears.  Are you a recognized expert? Break out of your paradigms.

Pet Food training

Very committed to respecting our customers’ confidentiality, we are nevertheless aware that the world evolves quickly enough to need public information to be diffused and explained, as they are essential for businesses that want to perfectly fit in this pet food world.

We love sharing and we have the necessary skills to democratize regulations, processes and legislation in order to make them accessible to beginners and to strengthen specialists’ skills. Our experts have been immersed in the pet food world for more than 15 years, and they know all the tricks of the trade and all the codes, from creating a pet food to financial studies, to European food-sector norms, to marketing it.

“Knowledge is having the good response, intelligence is having the good question.”

As specialists, the pet-food training we offer you will provide you with sound, basic knowledge so you can talk about food, nutrients, ingredients, process and formulation with your partners, whether raw material suppliers, pet food manufacturers or brand distributors… As we keep up with official publications, we can also assist you with the comprehension of legislative texts to anticipate the regulatory developments and apply them in due course to your production units, your specifications and your labels.

At the disposal of the management teams, of all the departments of your company (production, quality, research and development, marketing, sales, but also sales administration, finances…), our experts offer customized pet food training corresponding to their level of expertise and to your core business.  Our modules are comprehensive and adaptable to meet your pet-food expectations.