Propel your plant into the future

It is said that the world is changing faster and faster and in an increasing number of directions.  How then, in such a changing environment, can we expect our products to meet our consumers’ expectations on a long-term basis? Interest charges, environmental impacts, societal image, innovation, quality, safety, traceability… are no longer choice criteria, but rather basic options required by our customers, which are to challenge us daily in our competitive environment.

“The sole purpose for our existence is the solutions we deliver to our customers”

The design or adaptation of your plant is one of the main elements of the equation to be successful in the long term.

  • Automation, cost optimization and competition;
  • Eco-design and integration of circular economy to reduce waste at source;
  • Monitoring of your industrial performances in order to continuously improve them;
  • Measured follow-up of your products as part of an improvement policy
  • Workplace ergonomics to show your collaborators genuine and motivating consideration
  • Anticipating regulation changes through the observation of the evolution of society and our consumeristic behaviours.

These are issues that need to be addressed by the entrepreneur who wants develop their project and their commercial solutions in the future. Motivated by a sincere willingness which is necessary to achieve their goal, they have to have access to the key success factors:  experience, knowledge, common sense and anticipation.

Data Proved experts are firmly committed to the 3 founding pillars of sustainable development:

  • Economy, which comprises quality requirements and innovation
  • Social, to which potential of cultures and differences is related
  • Environment, including respect for the planet, biodiversity conservation, reserves management, reduction of the impact of human activity.

Let’s design together your plant of the future!

Our experts have designed several pet food plants, all ahead of their time, consistent with their environment and in line with their target consumers. Adapt your existing processes in order to cut costs, improve work conditions, significantly reduce wastes and innovate to stand out or to improve… These are areas we like to focus on.

Your plant of tomorrow will be your entrepreneurial vision, your ability to imagine the future to adapt to any situation to overcome obstacles in real time. Be proud of your plant, open it up to your customers to demonstrate and establish your know-how.

The past is an experience, the present a reality and the future, a vision. Our daily work is the result of this equation, because the world is accelerating… and we along!