Sylvie Licois

In charge of developing and monitoring in-home panels, Sylvie is an expert in recruiting committed and serious pet owners. Passionate about owner-pet relationships, she now trains, monitors and supports over 200 homes during sensory and functional test on products entrusted by Data Proved’s customers.

Perfect casting

Sylvie started her professional career in retail. Loving her pets (Murphy, a young Labrador dog and Gribouille, her Chartreux cat), very involved in the community life of her hometown, including with Handi’Chiens (service dogs association), she was hired by Eric, who was then the manager of ATM, to develop panels of dog and cat testers, that he wanted to offer his distributor customers. Already concerned about the animal welfare and the quality of their food, Sylvie reinforced her knowledge thanks to a training in canine and feline behaviour in 2005.

Through her regular contacts with a veterinarian, she learnt a lot about animal health and she developed her passion for dog training. She then got in touch with a cat shelter to complete her immersion training. Afterward, she joined the team of ATM’s Research and Development Department, first helping with the preparation of tests and then quickly being in charge of recruiting, training and monitoring the in-home tester panels.

Manager of the “panels’ team” from 2002 to 2014, Sylvie perfected a system of recruitment, training and managing “owner-animal” tester couples, at the core of the company’s strategic plan.

In accordance with the strict criteria of sensory and functional tests as developed by Hélèna, she based her methodology on the animals’ comfort. Thanks to this particularly active and committed network of passionate and dedicated pet owners of all socio-professional categories, Sylvie allowed ATM to develop quality products that have been consumed in France by one cat out of 6 and 1 dog out of 8.

Her excellent work resulted in a strong commercial development for ATM and was one of the pillars that Eric relied on to achieve the construction of a plant that is one of the most modern and ambitious when it comes to corporate social responsibility worldwide.

Panels expert

Very active in the field, Sylvie spends her time between results analyses, developing new tests, recruiting and visiting her panellists that she assists on a daily basis to ensure compliance with the protocols, which she never ceases perfecting. Convinced that qualitative data are as important as statistics extracted from the tests, she makes a point of regularly auditing the owners on the products. She also ensures the health of all the pets, respecting the transition periods and having them receive regular veterinary attention. Always attentive when visiting owners, Sylvie takes the pulse of consumers and can thus foresee future trends in pet food in the short or medium term. Her field experience as well as her intuition make her a great ‘source of proposals’, a major asset to guide the innovation strategy of our customers.