Team up with experts

To successfully carry out a strategy, an action, an innovation-, development- or continuous improvement project, will, experience and skills are precious values.  Strongly determined and able to draw on more than 15 years of experience in assisting managing and technical teams, the experts at Data Proved work in “project mode” and are always active and inquiring. Truly concerned for others, they constantly develop their skills when attending international congresses, meeting and maintaining close relationships with the major actors of the pet food world. Called upon to develop innovative solutions, their love for sharing and for challenges allow them to quickly adapt to their customers’ environment and teams.

« A team is the voluntary union of individuals organized around shared objectives within the framework of common values. »

To intervene in “action mode” implies the establishment of a response team of complementary experts with the same drive, combining their skills in the different domains of the socioeconomic reality of food processing companies of the 21st century. Animal health, nutrition, processes, “QHSE” (quality, health, safety, environment) normative references, communication, team management all are areas we can assist you with to ensure the implementation and success of your projects.

The pet food is a complex and exclusive microcosm. Showing one’s credentials will not be enough for a new organisation to enter it by itself and that is where the strength of Data Proved’s experience and network resides for an optimal support:

  • Approaching a new market or a new distribution channel requires experience and control of the pet food codes;
  • Introducing a new product, a new ingredient or a new molecule can require expensive procedures, leaving little to no room to error;
  • Regulations constantly evolve, usually in a logical and predictable manner. Anticipating these changes can save money and allows to be a step ahead of competition;
  • Auditing processes and formulation in an energy saving strategy can boost the performances and have a financial impact in the short term;
  • The evolution of raw material prices often implies reviewing the commercial strategies and adapting recipes within a very short period of time.

Customized support

Topics of collaboration between your projects and the experts at Data Proved are countless. Our voluntary commitment to sustainable development is a perfect illustration:  respecting at all times economy, natural resources and the collaborators.

« One can never avoid a stroke of luck, but success is no accident. »

Our methods:  gather different opinions, share our ideas and have all the stages fit together in a realistic, regular action plan controlled via performance indicators.  Teaming up with Data Proved experts will provide you with a customized support at each step of your project, in a secure and confidential environment, under a benevolent but nonetheless objective eye.